About Us
The Best Republican Voter Contact Team in the Country 

Candidate Command works with candidates, party organizations and third party groups to help elect Republicans at all levels of government. Working on over 500 campaigns, we have delivered more than 45,000,000 direct mail pieces to people in 42 different states.

What makes us different than most firms? Everything happens in-house, under the direction of experienced political operatives. None of our creative or design or targeting services are outsourced.

Our mail program is critically acclaimed, and has won more awards in the last four years than any other Republican firm in the country. We have helped elect and re-elect dozens of Congressmen, getting results for our clients in both good and bad years.

In recent years, Command has grown to provide a wide variety of services for campaigns, including print, digital and telephone services.

Our Expertise 
  • Direct mail design
  • Targeting and data
  • Printing and print brokerage
  • Telephone town halls
  • Live persuasion calls
  • GOTV calls
  • VoIP Systems
  • Auto ID calls
  • Robo Calls
  • Web Sites
  • Targeted Display Ads
  • Search advertising
  • E-mail blasts

What have we accomplished?

  • 45 Million Mailers Delivered
  • 46 National Awards
  • 42 States Experience
  • 1,000+ Unique Mailers Designed