2012 Industry Awards
Taking 3 Reed and 20 Pollie Awards, including Best of Show, Command leads the way.
What Makes Effective Mail?

In 2012 we won 24 industry awards - 21 Pollies, and 3 Reed Awards. The true barometer of success is electing good candidates (which we did!) but getting recognition from the American Association of Political Consultants and Campaigns & Elections Magazine (the sponsors of the two awards) is pleasant. It also helps us answer a question: Was our mail interesting enough to be great – and not just good?

services-01Striving for Greatness

Photography, copywriting techniques, the types of mailing and timing and execution… all matter, up to a point. Systems and methods and rules are only as useful as your willingness to break them, because for all the same reasons that they keep your advertisements from being bad - they stop them from being great. The moment you treat messaging as a formula (which it isn't), you sacrifice creativity for reliability—knowing when to throw out the rules.

Be Interesting

We would suggest direct mail is a bridge - and good direct mail convinces people to walk across it. Before you can convince people you need to draw their interest. Our approach focuses on using unique imagery and great candidate photography to get their attention.